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"Heimann Családi Birtok, Szekszárd"

Ágnes Heimann
+36 20 961 7101



As with our wines, we are promoting our values and quality in the events we organize at the winery. Sign up for our newsletter, follow our facebook page and instagram to be notified in time.


Panzió a Fehér Tehénhez
A small pension owned by my uncles, Feri and Dóri Heimann, with a delicious breakfast and farmhouse atmosphere!

Ég és Föld vendégház
A small farmhouse (for 2-3 persons) renovated in a modern style in the heart of the vineyard, 5 minutes walk from our winery. Superb selection of wines. Ideal accommodation for retreats.

Mosoly Borvendégház
Beautifully renovated small farmhouse on the hilltop opposite our press house, for 2-4 persons. We are happy to recommend these secluded little lodgings as they offer a very unique wine country experience of their own. For those who want to relax!

SXRD luxury apartmans
On the hilltop of the Porkoláb-völgy, beautiful panoramic apartments with jacuzzi and sauna. 

Szegzárd - the lodge
Modern, close to nature, puritan resting place with a unique design. 

Fogadó a Patkolókovácshoz és
Vass Villa Vendégház
Beautifully renovated family houses in the oldest, rustic part of Szekszárd. Ideal for larger groups of 6-8 people.

To EAT and DRINK nearby

There is a growing number of genuine, family-run, quality places in Szekszárd. It's a slow build. So we'd rather recommend them: our friends, many of whom are members of the Slow Food Pannon Convivium. Places worth driving for.

A Kávé Háza
We are proud to have one of the best coffee houses in the country in Szekszárd, run by barista Sándor Tóth. It is a member of the Slow Food Pannon Convivium. Open until 18h Monday to Saturday, closed on Sunday!

Noresa Panzió és Étterem – Szálka
The family-run pension of Norbert and Réka Sipos. In 2022 they have opened a small & very fine restaurant as well. Definitely worth a trip!

Rév Csárda – Érsekcsanád
Gábor Tinusz's crew makes one of the best, if not the best fish soup in the country. Always a unique, unforgettable experience: fresh fish cooked on fire! A member of the Slow Food Pannon Convivium.

Almalomb – Hosszúhetény
A culinary detour and meeting place. A beautifully restored old water mill and garden. Short menu, emphasis on local, seasonal ingredients. We love it here! Member of the Slow Food Pannon Convivium.

Horog Étterem – Szálka
Lovely terrace, idyllic village setting.