Szekszárd Terroir

Sitting on the eastern limits of the Transdanubian Hills Szekszárd is a topographically diverse region made up of valleys of various sizes and expositions. During the Pleistocene era the deposit left by the Pannonian Sea has partially risen and then this basic rock bed was covered by a thick loess layer carried by the winds. It is this loess that the vine roots penetrate into.

The vineyards open to the Great Hungarian Plain receive drying winds and direct heat. Others protected by the hills enjoy more temperate climate.   

Szekszárd is the birthplace of delectable wines. The hills covered by loess yield rich, ripe and structured wines. The sometimes scorching hot summers are followed by balanced, temperate autumns. Under these favourable conditions the main challenge is to preserve the freshness and liveliness of the fruit.

Szekszárd wine region lays in Middle Europe, in the Carpathian Basin,
on the eastern limits of the Transdanubian Hills

Large grapes, juicy berries of Kadarka.
Even eating them is great.

Kadarka – it would be hard not to love it.

There is nothing better to quench your thirst than a glass of chilled, refreshing Kadarka. This is why it’s bottled on its own. However growing Kadarka is a massive challenge: with its large, dense bunches and thin skin it requires precisely timed, meticulous work in the growing season and strict selection at harvest.

We are comitted to improving Kadarka: we have planted a bunch of different Kadarka clones to select the best and to study their needs with the aim of raising their quality to new heights.

"Fragrant, refreshing and spicy. A supergastronomic variety!" 

Bunches of Kékfrankos at the Bati Kereszt vineyard

Kékfrankos – ideal to express terroir

It reflects the location, the soil and the microclimate of its origin with great precision, therefore Kékfrankos is the right instrument to showcase the differencies between our vineyards. Moreover it is the premier red variety to present the terroir diversity of the Carpathian Basin.

The crown jewel of our estate is the Szívem vineyard in Baranya-valley. The vines were planted in 1969. Following the advice of the revered Tokaj winemaker, István Szepsy the vineyard was thoroughly overhauled in 2009: new canes were developed, missing vines were replaced and following the exploration of the genome of the old vines their propagation has begun.