Back to the roots

Our family is one of the pioneering red wine makers of Hungary. During my years of studying and training in Germany, France, Italy and Australia I realized that the only way to put our wines on the world map of wine is by exploring the potential of local varieties.

It may have been the delicate elegance of Kadarka, or the explosive fruit of Kékfrankos but I soon fell in love with this quest. My aspiration is to find a way to express what Szekszárd means to me.

Zoltán Heimann Jr.

How it all started
Light-handed, attentive winemaking to clearly show Szekszárd terroir

Our approach to Kadarka and Kékfrankos has been fundamentally revised: our main goal is to produce top quality grapes and to achieve that we need to enhance microbial life in the soil as well as to work manually in the vineyards with unwavering focus. The resulting grapes picked at full ripeness and carefully sorted are faithful expressions of the Szekszárd terroir: they reflect the vibrant fruit typical of grapes grown on loess soils and also the subtle differencies in the microclimates of the various vineyards.

Our wines are made by manual punching down of the cap and cofermenting whole bunches. This technology enhances complexity, flavour intensity and persistence. The wines are aged in large barrels and amphorea with sulfite levels kept low. 

About Szekszárd terroir