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Id. Heimann Zoltán

My first memories of childhood take me back to the traditional world of Hungarian peasants. The farmyard with chicken and pigs, harvests and pig slaughters done in collaboration, these were all exciting and all-engulfing experiences. My father was working in the local cooperative, while I was wallowing in the love of my grandfather and helping him in cleaning the pigsties, tapping the barrels and practising the handling of wine syphon. I can vividly recall the heady fragrance of freshly racked Kadarka that used to fill the air in the press house.

I saw it as my destiny to bring back to life and to adapt to our modern world as much of the tradition of Swabian winemakers as possible. The goal I set myself was to establish an honest, quality oriented family business and make it as successful as possible in the given environment.

To do so I needed my father’s and mother’s help, they not only provided a link to our past, but in the first decade of its existence they also ran the estate. I also relied on my brother who designed and built the winery and the press house. It was vital to have the support of my beloved wife, Ágnes. I consider it a great achievement and take special pride in the fact that our older son, Zoli is working together with us and he is going to carry on the family business we have started.

"I saw it as my destiny to bring back to life and to adapt to our modern world as much of the tradition of Swabian winemakers as possible."

Zoltán Heimann Sr.
Heimann Ágnes

I graduated as an economist. If someone told me upon receiving my degree that 25 years later I would be working as a winemaker in my family’s winery, I would surely have burst out in laughter. As it happened fate had handed me this option around 2000 and I seized the chance. I joined my husband to set up our own family business. I soon realized that the skills I inherited from my ancestors who worked as craftsmen, lawyers, restaurateurs and engineers could all be put to good use in this line of trade.

Making wine is a complex undertaking that hands out different tasks according to the seasons, therefore it never gets boring: there is a time for farming, another for devising and crafting wines, and then one needs to carry through the vinification process until the wine is ready to hit the shelves. Winemaking is creative work that comes attached with serious responsibility as the end product bears our name. I can work with my family members, and they are the people I love the most and trust unconditionally.

As a winemaker I consider the pinnacle of my career the development of the classic Heimann wines which still form the backbone of our sales. These wines reflect our taste: based on Hungarian and international varieties, they are precise, enticing, fun to drink wines displaying a contemporary Szekszárd style.

My major achievement is the creation of Barbár, it took me and my husband years to come up with the concept of the top of the range Heimann wine. We wanted a wine that was ageworthy, one that would develop complexity and gravitate toward harmony over the years, a wine that did not follow trends but attract the attention of dedicated winelovers with its unique character. If we did our job well then Barbár may even develop into a brand. This is what we’ve been working on with ever increasing focus and determination.

I always thought of my role as temporary and knew that in time my son would take over the baton. Perhaps that time came a bit sooner than I anticipated. But why not? He is well qualified, he is dynamic, he is driven by a vision and he wants to achieve his goals by building on the foundations laid by us. We all need to support him now. I’m not worried, there is enough work left for us to do. That’s the way it goes.

„Winemaking is creative work that comes attached with serious responsibility.”

Ágnes Heimann
ifj. Heimann Zoltán

Upon graduating from Geisenheim, I asked my father what he was expecting from me. „Craft the best Kadarka in the world!”, he replied. 

After years of studying oenology and working as a trainee in France, Italy and Australia I came to the conclusion that the only way to put ourselves on the world map is by focusing on indigenous varieties. It may have been the delicate elegance of Kadarka, or the explosive fruit of Kékfrankos but I soon fell in love with this quest. To put it in a wider perspective: my goal is to find a way to express what Szekszárd means to me. This is what our new product line ’Heimann & Fiai’ is about...  to read more, click here.

my goal is to find a way to express what Szekszárd means to me. This is what ’Heimann & Fiai’ is about...

Zoltán Heimann Jr.